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hey, this is pretty freaking awesome for a flash game! I love the pterodactyl and the craziness of the world. since you only did this for a class I don't know if you'll ever try to revisit it, but that wingspan kills me and it's hard to get very far without the wingtips clipping on some unknown object.

Still, really, really good!

RubortTheGreat responds:

Haha wow thanks. Yeah the levels are way too hard, I made the collision of the character smaller. Only the body of the pterodactyl is a collision object, so the wings should not get hit. But thanks, like the nice review :) Didn't expect someone that actually liked this game!

This is a great game to pass the time with. Gameplay is solid and it's super satisfying to progress. I noticed that the music and the visuals of the game didn't feel fluent at times, though. For example, there's this really surreal music and fantasy setting in some of the visuals, but the aggressive "AWESOME" sound and blunt blockiness of the cubes and the UI comes from a completely different game. It's confusing and jarring in an otherwise enjoyable experience.

EarthWind responds:

Hello, thanks for the review.

You can turn off the voice sounds in the options menu. The graphic will still appear, but not the sound.

I'm not sure what you mean by the ui / cubes come from a different game. These blocks/cubes were created from scratch by myself and the ui with an artist I guided. Unless you mean they don't fit, I'm not sure with your wording.

If you don't like the blocks you can select from different ones in the options menu. Although, through much testing it was found that the full square/blockish ones mixed best with the gems and powerups to provide a better experience. Trust me, I went through many many blocks that didn't work and there are still blocks in the game I still don't like but though people might like different stuff so I left them.

The fantasy setting is exactly what I was going for, like bejeweled. The voices can be overpowering at times, some people like it and some don't... Good thing you can turn it off :)

absolutely delightful. I loved learning how to play this game. Aside from the wonder and exploration in this little poem, the music was one of my favorite parts--I couldn't tell, but did adding to the mountains have any effect on the music? sometimes it looked to me like the mountains resembled waveforms--I think that would be something very interesting to explore.

All in all, excellent job. I only wish I didn't have to refresh the page to play again and again!

Seagaia responds:

glad you liked the discovery aspect. i thought it would be more enjoyable if I didn't spell everthing out, and I'm glad you liked the music, it's kind of messy but in a way that's sort of intended along with the game ( i made this game fairly quickly).

adding tot he mountains does not add to the music (though bass notes play sometimes when the little pluses hit the mountain, and when you're holdin gmore pluses, the random notes play faster).

it would be cool if the mountain worked - perhaps in a non-flash game. i'd like to use something like this in a later game.

and I added pressing R at the end to restart!


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